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If you are a fan of Nerf and other blasters and just so happen to have an iPhone, iPod Touch, or Android based smart phone, you may find a new way to expand your gameplay.  If, and only if, the AppTag Kickstarter Project reaches its goal of $30,000.

Here’s a hint to the outcome however.  Consider it a view in to my toy crystal ball.  They will reach the goal.

Why so confident you ask?

Besides the obvious markers such as being only roughly $4,000 away of the $30,000 goal with 322 backers (as of this writing), there are other reasons that lead me to set such a bold prediction.  The team behind the project has done it before and their newest venture is not only cool, it’s timely.

This year we’ll see Lazer Tag re-imagined with an iDevice but AppTag opens up the virtual, augmented reality play to major smart devices running either Android or iOS based operating systems.  What may seem like an ironic twist of events, will likely play to AppTag’s advantage.  It will be able to capture the attention of Android fans that had their blaster dreams shot down by the iOS only based smart device play of the Lazer Tag offering.

Here’s the fact sheet :

  • Comes with a pistol grip
  • Mounts on existing blasters such as Nerf on the tactical rail
  • Works with Android and iOS based smart devices — in the case
  • An available SDK (software developer kit) for creating custom games and gameplay
  • Patent-pending high frequency sound technology for communications

It’s that last bullet point that has the most astute probing deeper.  It could be a double edged sword of sorts but AppTag has assured me they have it all worked out.  Going the sound route allows them to bypass potentially in-depth setup using other options such as Bluetooth or wifi.  We dug a bit deeper.  We reached out to the team behind AppTag and this what they had to say :

The accuracy will depend a bit on distance from the target to keep the game true to life. We have yet to complete all the development to accurately map out the distance, but we are sourcing parts that will enable us to get it right so it’s fun to play for younger kids by themselves, as well as mature adults chasing each other through a park or even a city! We envision this as taking role-playing games to the next level.

So, while it is equal parts sorcery and magic, the distance has been said to reach up to 100 meters (or, 328 feet to our US based readers!).

Interested in getting in?  Better hurry.  You have until March 16th to join a spot on the backers list.  After that, you’ll be waiting to get yours and, like many other Kickstarter projects, you’ll likely have to pay a little bit more.

(kickstarter hopefuls often use incentives like discounts for the initial backers)

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