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The Influence Of Mom Blogger Buzz


Not sure if anyone has seen this story, but I have to agree that it’s pretty accurate! The Associated Press article recently discussed the influence of the ‘mommy blogger’ (I have to say, I do not like the term ‘mommy blogger’ much) and how they might be a credit to some of the toys that have been selling out this season. Namely, the LeapFrog LeapPad:

These days, mommy bloggers don’t just gab about spilled milk and poopy diapers. In fact, they’ve become so influential in the $22 billion toy market that toy makers go to great lengths to get their seal of approval. Their thumbs-up is particularly important during the holiday shopping season when toy makers hope to create the next hit toy.

It’s a major shift for toy companies, which have always given out samples of new dolls, games and other playthings to drive sales. Five years ago, they handed out 98 percent of those products to TV stations, newspapers and magazines. But today, as much as 70 percent go to bloggers.

Personally I wasn’t shocked to see some of the numbers that were included in the article- nor was I surprised that companies are taking notice of the Mom Blog Biz that basically will do their advertising for them. One thing is for sure- you’d better have one heck of a product though, as most mom bloggers are going to tell it straight to their readers- which could be a big disaster if your product only half hits the mark.

“If they like something, word gets around very quickly; if they don’t like  something, word will also get around quickly,” says’s Jim Silver, a longtime toy expert who works with mom bloggers to review products on  his website.

So good, bad or otherwise..they will be sure to tell you..right Ed?

image courtesy Bob B. Brown

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