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LEGO Introduces New Girl Themed Sets And Figures

Ed threw this news tidbit my way–how’d he know?! I love it!

The LEGO Group, the world’s leading construction toy brand, today announced LEGO® Friends, a new play theme that tailors the iconic LEGO construction experience especially to girls ages five and up. LEGO Friends delivers on a girl’s desire for realistic role-play, creativity, and a highly-detailed, character-based world with the core values of LEGO building.

“We felt it was time to test assumptions that girls aren’t interested in building and to breathe fresh air into a toy category filled mostly with per-fabricated play experiences for girls,” said Jørgen Vig Knudstorp, CEO, LEGO Group.

“We focused on creating a play experience centered on the joy of creation, while heeding the way girls naturally build and play. We are incredibly proud of the solution we deliver with LEGO Friends, and are resolved to build this platform for years to come.”

What a great addition to the Lego family! Not that there’s anything wrong with girls playing with Legos as they are, but this just makes them even more appealing. My only hope is that they avoid the ‘pink princess theme’ as it has been done again and again. Girls love things that aren’t always pink and princess-y too! How about a CEO in her office building?

“What LEGO Friends does differently is deliver the beauty, details, accessories, real world themes and need for strong interior play that the research revealed would make all the difference for girls ages 5 and up.”

Need to know more about what is coming?  The LEGO Friends collection 2012 consists of 23 products.  The first 14 will be available for sale in select toy, discount merchandise, specialty and online stores beginning December 26, 2011 in the United Kingdom and January 1, 2012 in the United States.  A total of 29 different mini-doll figures will be introduced in 2012.

See the Lego Friends website to get started and check back on December 26th to see more!

Quoted material from press release.

UPDATE: Apparentely this is not a popular addition with many of the Lego Facebook fans.

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