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Are Toys And Games Beneficial In The Classroom?

My first classroom!

The University of New England posted a brief outline as to the benefit of games and toys in the classroom. Just in case you’re wondering what a teacher might think of this.. (I am one- I used to teach ninth graders) it is SPOT ON. We frequently used many games in the classroom- from Jeopardy! Vocabulary to Scrabble.


How toys and games can benefit students

Although certain toy-based tools can be controversial in school, many agree that these devices are a positive influence on most students. If used in moderation, pupils can benefit from playing with toys or games as a form of alternative education and relaxation. Over the years, technology and scientific development have changed the ways students use these sundries in learning, but the overall goal of intellectual stimulation has not faltered.

Pros an cons of educational toys in early childhood development– Many say toys and games can benefit students, but only if there is a healthy balance between work and play. This website looks into the positive and negative effects tech-based toys can have intellectually on children.

How to incorporate toys and play into a classroom– This website can give educators ideas on how to work toys and games into their classroom curricula, especially among younger students. Playtime can be an important part of the school day for pupils in elementary school, as it can teach them valuable life skills for future grades and their academic career.

A history of educational toys– Educational toys and games have been used in school for decades. This website illustrates the history of these types of aids and how they have changed over generations.

A guide to intellectual toys for students– This guide assist teachers in choosing the right toys for their classrooms that will stimulate their students’ minds in a positive way.

Teachers today are doing amazing things in the classroom. If you get a chance, ask them what kinds of things they’re up to these days. I promise you, as a former teacher- it would have THRILLED me if a parent just called me up, sent an email or popped in to see what was going on. Your child spends over 50% of his or her day at school or in school related activities- shouldn’t you know what they are?



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