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GameChanger – The New Digital Shelf Of Board Games?

I love technology.  A lot.  Especially when it involves iDevices.  Sorry, Android fans.  But, we’re not here to start a holy war over phones, this is about toys.

Every once in a while, something comes along that looks past the realm of simply being gimmicky or another me-too product.  Sometimes, people innovate and try putting something new out there that makes you think – Hey.  Wait a minute.  That’s actually pretty cool.

Meet, the aptly named, GameChanger :

GameChanger is available now for a pretty pricey $80 at

It’s a neat idea.  Take your (expensive) iPad, stick it in a board game case that has multiple skins and game pieces… Download the free board game app, and, viola!  You are playing the board game of the future.

Despite the price, what will be most interesting is just how many additional games will they be able to produce.  At launch, there are four game “skins”, four game pieces, and a free app download.

Here’s a promotional video of the GameChanger in action :

So, are you in or sitting this game out?

Gallery :

Press Release :

ROTTERDAM, Netherlands, Nov. 1, 2011 /PRNewswire/ — Just in time for the holidays, Identity Games – an international award-winning game creator, producer and publisher – introduces a true “game changer” to the board game category.  Presenting GameChanger – a groundbreaking innovation in game play.  GameChanger is an electronic game board that works with the iPad.  Featuring interactive animation and sound, GameChanger adds a whole new dimension to the traditional board game by creating a different experience every time you play.

The GameChanger, which is an app-based accessory “Made for iPad,” is very simple and easy to use. Kids are given the option of playing two different games; The Magic School Bus® from Scholastic or Animal Mania. The iPad simply slides into the GameChanger cradle, and one of the included game skins can be placed on top of the board.  Parents can download the App, which is free with GameChanger purchase, and then the family fun can begin!

“The GameChanger is going to revolutionize traditional board game play,” said Emile Kalis, Creative Director, Identity Games.  “By bringing together the best of both worlds – board games and the world’s number one tablet, GameChanger offers an entirely new gaming experience for the family that is both fun and educational.”

With GameChanger, the electronic game board and the iPad screen become one, and come alive with a simple touch. The game pieces themselves interact with the iPad, which asks questions and assigns tasks, so players always know whose turn it is. A “spin” of the wheel on the iPad lets players move their pawn across the game board. Since the game board and the iPad are connected, all game play is completely guided and tracked.

In The Magic School Bus® game, which is celebrating its 25th anniversary this year, kids can join Ms. Frizzle and her class as they play, learn and discover through fantasy and science. As young ones move across the game path, they will travel and see the world, learning fun facts through different video clips and questions.  In the Animal Mania game, it’s a crazy animal mad house! Young explorers will travel the world across different continents and time periods, learning about animals, their habitats and behavior.  Kids will meet mammals, sea creatures and even prehistoric dinosaurs as different animals challenge them along the game path. With trivia questions, fun tasks and entertaining riddles, young explorers will learn about animals in a whole new way.

The GameChanger comes with the electronic game board, four game skins (Scholastic’s The Magic School Bus and Animal Mania), four game pieces and free App download.  It is recommended for children ages 6 and up, and has a suggested retail price of $79.99. It will be available beginning on November 1, 2011 at retailers including Toys”R”Us, Apple Stores and  Additional games will soon be available, including Kaboom and DuckDuckGoose. For additional information, visit

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