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Hot Halloween Costume Ideas From Disguise

Halloween is just around the corner which means its time to get the kids kitted out to scare up all the treats they can carry (as well as the ones you can) Every year there are those hot costumes, the ones your kids really bug you about the ones they have to have, and many of those costumes are the creations of California based Disguise, who have been at the top of the Halloween costume industry for 23 years now.

Disguise creates licensed costumes for Disney, Marvel and Hasbro just to name a few. Basically, if your child (and you if you are up to challenge) have a favorite character in mind Disguise probably makes a Halloween costume that will allow kids and adults to “become” their heroes, even if its only for one night!

To give you a little inspiration here are some of the hottest kids costumes from Disguise for 2011:

Disney Princesses – Little girls have been dressing up as their favorite Disney Princess at Halloween for decades now, but this year there is a new addition to the costume line up – Rapunzel from last year’s Disney hit Tangled. There is a Classic and a Shimmer deluxe version of the costume and you can even buy a wig that allows little princesses to instantly gain the kind of luxuriant locks that got Rapunzel into so much trouble in the movie.


Power Rangers – Hard to believe maybe, but in one form or another the Power Rangers have been fighting evil since 1993 when they first hit the air as the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers on Fox Kids.

The latest in the long line of Power Ranger teams are the Power Rangers Samurai and Disguise has created a full line of Power Rangers Samurai costumes for the first time. However they have also created a new line of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers costumes in both children’s and adult sizes so go ahead, indulge that secret desire to be the Red Ranger/ Pink Ranger you have been harboring for so long!

Superheroes – 2011 has been a real banner year for superhero movies and Disguise have created a lot of brand new costumes for 2011 to celebrate that fact. Whether they want to be the Incredible Hulk, Captain America, Wolverine, Spiderman or Thor there is a costume to grant any boys wish and the new Women of Marvel Collection will let girls of all ages take on the persona of their favorite Marvel tough girl including Storm and Emma Frost from the X Men, Black Cat and Spider Girl from Spiderman and American Dream Girl.


Brow Raisers Masks – So maybe you don’t like to fight crime or go to royal balls looking for Prince Charming. Maybe you like to walk on the darker side of life. Disguise has got you covered! Their unique collection of interactive masks will definitely have people raising their eyebrows when they see you! The eyebrows and mouth move with your face to create a creepy realistic effect! It’s something you have to see to truly get!

For 2011 they are offering four insanely detailed options. There is a crazy clown who, for all you gamers, looks a lot like SweetTooth from the soon to be resurrected Twisted Metal!  A devil with a really great ‘stache.  An alien who seriously looks like he could be staring in Doctor Who next season.  And, last but not least, a robot mask that is one of the most realistic and detailed I have ever seen.  But what really sets Brow Raisers apart are the unique movements they make!  More on that in our upcoming hands on review!


These are just a few of the Halloween costumes that Disguise has created to help your kids Halloween 2011 go with a bang. You can check them all out at Disguise online.

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